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At this point, Lip Monthly has done nothing.

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I signed up for a Beauty Box Subscription from Lip Monthly. They claim that a $12.95 monthly membership will provide you with "Four to Five FULL sized, Delux Lip Products:We guarantee that the retail value of every one of your bags will be $35-$55".

That quote is from their website. They further promise to delived you the best, high end, niche market brands from around the world. Claiming that these products can't be bought in your local drug store. Well, they sort of told the truth.

The March bag contained a lip stick and gloss from a company called Camilla Cosmetics. They claim its an up and coming company with stellar products. Interestingly, the Camilla website is so new that it didn't exist on a googoe search until some of us pointed it out last night. And, the reason you wont find these products in drug stores is because they contained two chemicals (with a tiny warning label) that yave been banned fron cosmetics in almost every first world country because of a known teratogen.

The lip stick and gloss waw made in China and sold in China at their version of a $.99 storem. But, Lip Monthly set up the Camilla site and priced both products at $14. I have never seen a cosmetics company that has ONLY two products. But, that's Camilla Cosmetics.

My lipstick was sealed, but after i pulled a tiny sticker (excuse me, safety seal) off the gloss to swatch test it on my arm, i was disgusted to find that the gloss was practically sludge and was a wretched shade of...not pink, but brown. It was supposed to be the same color as the pink lipstick. I immediately tossed both. The rest of the bix contained a tiny blush that was sold in 2014-2015.

All told, it had a three dollar value.

So, buyer beware! The company deletes all negative or critical comments on facebook.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Moorpark, California

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