Not sure why people think it's a scam...I've been a customer for around 9 months now. Bought as a surprise gift for my partner. She loved it. Left the subscription on. Job done.

One thing that did annoy me is there was an issue with the lipstick in an original bag and they took a while to follow up - but then they sent a load of freebies so we stuck with it

I can imagine in that circumstance some people would then consider them a scam because they took look like 10 days to reply and some people in that instance might write up that they're a scam or something

Whilst I was annoyed with how it went down they recovered and now it's plain sailing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lip Monthly Subscription.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Lip Monthly Pros: Idea of the service.

Lip Monthly Cons: Customer service took longer than i liked.

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Thank you for your positive review! We've drastically changed our customer service in the recent months and happy to say that we now have 24/7 customer service and live chat directly on our website. Our support staff now has an average first response time of 30 minutes via email and quickly resolving issues.


This is a lie @lipmonthly! You do not have live chat.

I have been trying to get a replacement for a ruined lipstick for MONTHS and your customer service people just do not respond to emails. Terrible, terrible customer service.


Hi there, we had to turn live chat off temporarily due to an increase of emails to our customer service inbox. We had an unfortunate situation happen due to not receiving a product that was to be included in our November bag, which led to a delay getting our bags out.

Because of that and moving to a new website, we've had a massive increase of emails to our customer service team.

They have been working around the clock tending to all the emails, and because of this it taken longer than usual to respond to customer emails. What is your email so I can look into this?

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